Do you ever wonder where artists find inspiration? 

While I am inspired by the usual things like nature and people, sometimes even an envelope can get my creative juices flowing. 

There is something I must admit, I’m a collector of security envelopes. And it doesn’t help that they are sent to me free of charge (usually in the form of a bill). 

So one day I received some mail and, oh goody, another security envelope. But this one was different. It said, and I kid you not, “PLEASE RECYCLE THIS ENVELOPE.” After a few chuckles, I did just that. 

In this video I’m using black and white acrylic paint, Nova Color gloss medium, and recycled security envelopes on a birch panel.

Nova Color Paint (I’m not an affiliate and receive no money from them. I just love their paint and mediums.) Nova Color Paint

Music: 40 Love by Ooyy and Goals (instrumental) by Luftmensch, Rospigg / courtesy of