Ancestors Project

I use genealogy research, family lore and stories to inform my Ancestors Project paintings. What did my ancestors dream about when they were children and how did their environment encourage or hinder their aspirations?

I can only imagine what these dreams were and it is through my paintings that I create abstract expressions of my ancestors and their dreams. I collage bits of paper and cloth I inherited from women on my mother’s side of the family to create texture. Intertwined with layers of paint are marks that speak of whispered hopes and dreams, travel to new places, and generations of families.


Mind Travel Series

My inspiration for this series came from a drawing I did while listening to calm, meditative music. I wondered how we create new worlds through our imagination and how we find ways to revisit them. What would it be like to have that dream job, create a new gadget, or be a completely different person? What traces are left in the mind from these imaginary worlds we create? If we could peer into the mind what would we see?