On my way to Golden Colorado for an art business mastermind workshop, I decided to try public transportation. I had a hard time finding the train from Denver to Golden and was offered help from a man with a rolling walker/cart. He was very friendly and was going to take the same train I was looking for. Once we boarded, he began to share with me the story of how he lost two wives in the period of eight months. I was intrigued. How could this have happened?

His first wife had diabetes and went into a diabetic coma. One bus driver had tried to make it to her bedside to say goodbye before she died. He didn’t make it. That brought tears to my eyes. It was so touching to hear the number of bus and train drivers that attended the wake and memorial services for her. 

After his first wife’s death he ended up marrying their best friend. He had actually dated her first and they had gone to high school together. Within eight months she too was dead. A brain aneurysm. As he recounted the tragedies in his life I noticed his eyes…they were bright blue and so clear for a 60 year old man. In them I didn’t see the tragedy and hardship that he had faced. Even though his eyes would tear up from time to time as he recounted his story, he would also smile talking about his wives. 

It had been eight years since his second wife had died and he was homeless. I could tell he was so grateful to the people who supported him through those difficult times by the way he talked about them.

And just like that, he was gone. I wanted to ask him more questions, offer him some money, but it was too late. After he got off the bus, I was left with the image of his hopeful eyes and the feeling of gratitude for him having shared his story with me.